Voices from Air Quality Health Conference ALEC 2017

“Important, inspiring, and instructive. Everything for a safe and healthy life” – Samantha Jones

“Thank you for an important conference” – Mark Spencer

“Important topics that should be taken more seriously! Many thanks to everyone involved!” – Vincent Park

“Three fantastic days! Exciting, fun and educational at the same time! We’ll be back!”– Joanna Petersen

“Good speakers, good food, good staff, great conference!” – Morgan Andersen

“Fantastic conference! Many thanks to all the lecturers, scientists and other staff” – Sarah Winston

“Thank you for this great experience and new knowledge we got to fortify ourselves with” – Taylor Jones

“Grateful that I got a chance to attend. Highly recommend” – Selena Prince

“Well organized, fantastic days” – Holly Stanford 

“Good content, serviceminded staff. A really successful conference, thank you!” – Gordon Smith