Summary from Air Quality Health Conference ALEC 2017

What a hit! Knowledgeable, entertaining, and developing – this is how our conference-seccess is described!

We had the honor of organizing a conference on three important topics, all related to our health. At the conference we talked about accelerating air quality, digitalisation of healthcare and health equilty. 
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Air quality 
We talk a lot about crucial factors for a long and healthy life. For exmple which food we should eat, how we should exercise, or how many hours sleep we need. What we rarely talk about are air pollutants and airborne particles that are also harmful to our long term health. It is not only large, densely populated cities that suffers from poor air quality. Poor air quality could be found in a small village, on the countryside, in your home, at your workplace or in your car. Poor air quality can be air pollutants from, for example, exhaust fumes and smoke, it can also be allergens, dust, dirt, mold, animal fur and much more. At our conference, scientists went through what poor air quality is, what it means and how you can avoid it, but also how you contribute to a better air quality where you are for you and your fellow human beings.  

Digital transformation of healthcare

Today, there are a plethora of different apps and computer systems for healthcare. But the question of whether this is profitable or not remains, how does digitalisation affect our healthcare and our society? What are the real threats and opportunities with a digitized healthcare system? At our conference, we raised the topic and, scientists and developers gathered to discuss the topic with our participants.

Health equity
An important topic that we talk about too rarely. How do we achieve health equity? Health equity means increased opportunities for everyone to live a healthy life, without being disadvantaged due to social status or social circumstances.  At our conference we discussed what areas are affecting our health equilty right now? What do we need to change to create a more equal society in relation to everyone’s right to good health? Scientists and industry professionals discussed the topic during lectures at our conference.

Companies in several different industries participated at our conference both in the public- and private sector.   They all gathered to talk about- and learn more about air quality, digital transformation of healthcare and health equilty and its impact on our lives and the earth. 26 lecturers and scientists within healthcare, economy, digital development, air pollution and more inspired, and educated our participants on various topics related to our three themes.