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Accelerating health by air quality

What is good air quality? It’s not easy to surround yourself with good air quality all the time, especially not outside. Many particles are circulating in the air that we breathe, some are good- and some are bad, even dangerous for our health. The air contains particles that we cause, but also particles that other people cause, for example, exhaust fumes, smoke, and other chemicals. Therefore, it’s not easy to control all the air quality outside. What we can do, is to control the air quality that surrounds us inside, for example with an air purifier. But there must be more we can do to avoid the ingestion of harmful air?

And our conference scientists, lecturers, and professionals will talk about today’s- and the future research about air quality, they will also give advice and inspire you to live a healthier life regarding the quality of the air you breath. At our conference you will gain greater knowledge about the impact air quality have on your life, you will also get advice about what you can do to avoid poor air quality. Our conference goal is to create a greater understanding of what air quality is and spread knowledge about what good air quality could do to our health and longevity wellbeing. As a participant, you will gain knowledge about how to think and act to create better air quality in order to invest in your and your fellow human beings healthiness.

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