The Digital Transformation of Healthcare

Why does it matter

First off, let’s Clarify what we mean when talk about ‘the Digital Transformation of Healthcare’. Digital Transformation is the whole scale change to the foundational components of healthcare: from its operating model to the infrastructure, to the ‘services’ we provide, to whom we provide them to. The Digital Transformation touches every function of healthcare; from workforce training, HR, finance, reimbursement and evaluation models, through to operations, technology, communication and business development.

  • Catch up on what’s driving the digital transformation
  • Understand the challenges
  • Learn what it takes it to get the transformation going
  • Understand the impact of digital healthcare
  • Innovate today and get ready for the transformation ahead

Through keynotes and interactive learning sessions, you as an ALEC participants will gain valuable information and get actionable advice from industry experts and peers.

Catch up on what’s driving the digital transformation

  • The impact on society; what does consumerism, changing patient behaviors mean for healthcare. Learn how connected and informed patients shift the balance of power
  • The promise of disruptive technologies like data analytics, ai, gamification, smart homes, cloud, IoT, Cloud, wearables, and social
  • The changing competitive landscape, how is healthcare affected by new competition coming from tech, commerce and service sectors.

Understand the key challenges.

  • The level of maturity required for the health and social care system to adopt digital and integrated care solutions.
  • The barriers hindering wide scale uptake of technology enabled care.
  • The need to challenge the role of the health profession and reshape it for the digital transformation ahead.

Learn what it takes it to get the transformation going

  • Learn how you can develop an integrated strategy that places digital alongside other key organizational priorities and requirements.
  • Learn the specific capabilities your organization need to develop in order manage the digital transformation.
  • Catch up on transformative care models that is person centered, integrated and supported by digital solutions.
  • Digital skills for carers. Learn how workforce training and skill development can prepare students and professionals for the digital ‘reality’.

Understand the impact of digital healthcare

  • Learn how to measure the outcome of digital care solutions
  • How digital solutions can and are empowering patients and assisting them in managing their own health
  • The potential of digital to improve quality of care, boost innovation, empower patients and create a sustainable healthcare system

Innovate today and get ready for the transformation ahead

  • Learn how to build digital health eco-systems, innovative business models and support structures.
  • Learn how to accelerate the translation of ideas and valid technology into economically viable and sustainable solutions
  • Understand Public-private Innovation and Procurement for Innovation.


Health Equity in the Digital Age

Why does it matter

We believe everyone deserves a fair chance to lead a healthy life, that No one should be denied a chance to lead a healthy life because of socio-economic status, demographic factors or where they are from.

  • Understand the challenges of creating health equity
  • The promise of technology to ‘design’ health
  • Learn how digital is empowering people

At ALEC we will explore how digital health technologies can play to reduce health disparities, improve health outcomes, and the potential of digital to improve access to high quality health information for vulnerable groups.

Understand the challenges of creating health equity

  • The challenges of providing care in underserved communities with poor healthcare and digital infrastructures.
  • The barriers of low digital and health literacy for adoption of digital solutions among vulnerable groups
  • How technology has improved or hindered the delivery of quality care

The promise of technology to ‘design’ health

  • Always on, the future of self monitoring and self-management of chronic diseases
  • Designing health by utilize new and emerging technologies to promote better living through healthy behavior change.
  • The evolution of information technology – how cloud, mobile, social and analytics holds the promise to provide deeper insight into our health and care needs, from personalised medicine to population health management
  • Learn how to empower your data and how open innovation and global sharing of data can accelerate innovation and improve healthcare

Learn how digital is empowering people

  • Digital strategies for reaching remote communities, expanding access to care and helping to eliminate health disparities
  • Strategies for developing digital health solutions that are adapted for people’s different physical and cognitive abilities.
  • Learn approaches to address low digital health literacy among vulnerable groups
  • Learn how digital innovation in aspiring countries have accelerated health development


Why Attend

Now for the fifth time, Arctic Light E-health Conference, ALEC 2017 will bring together top level Policy Makers, the most experienced digital health Thought Leaders, Business Innovators, senior Care Professionals and E-health Strategists to explore how digital can, and are transforming healthcare.

  • Understand the digital transformation
  • Stay at the forefront and gain fresh perspectives
  • Learn, connect and build towards the future

Seize this opportunity to connect with peers and gain new understanding of what it takes for your organization to accelerate the digital transformation.

Understand the value digital health

  • Challenge your understanding of digital health and gain a better comprehension of how digital can, and are transforming healthcare today, in the future and beyond.
  • Understand the potential of cutting-edge technologies like Big Data, AI, Gamification, Smart Environments, Cloud and IoT
  • Learn how organizations are leveraging disruptive digital technologies to successfully transform existing operating models.
  • Catch up on new methods for measuring the true value of digital health and how innovative reimbursement models can drive the adoption of digital solutions.
  • Study what shapes the digital health journey and boost your ability to draw the road map, as we together explore what’s next and what’s beyond next.

Stay at the forefront and gain fresh perspectives

  • Experience captivating and thought provoking keynotes from leading digital health visionaries and influencers
  • Get cutting-edge insights from international specialists and learn what works in other countries
  • Understand emerging trends and changes in society like Consumerism, Globalization, Demographic change and learn what it means for healthcare
  • Discover the latest products and service innovations being showcased.

Learn, connect and build towards the future

  • Learn from inspirational through first hand accounts from patients, professionals and digital leaders on how the transformation is shaping the future of healthcare
  • Join dynamic learning sessions to gain valuable ‘know how’
  • Connect and share your experiences with fellow peers in between presentations, in workshops and in ALEC’s informal networking many opportunities.
  • Embrace the prospect of collaboration and identify exciting new partners.
  • Take advantage of ALEC’s small format and get unparallelled access to global thought leaders shaping the future of digital health.

Welcome to ALEC the one event that connects Policy and Decision Makers, Technology and Healthcare leaders, care professionals and patients to build networks, get inspired and gain the knowledge you need to plan for the future today!


Who should come to ALEC

Do you believe that radical change and digital innovation is vital for building a sustainable healthcare system? Do you want to connect with peers who share your passion for advancing digital health? Then you are just the right person to join ALEC.

  • Influencers and Decision Makers (Policy Level)
  • Visionaries and Strategists (Strategic Level)
  • Innovators and Change Agents (Operational level)

Typical attendees of the Arctic Light Ehealth Conference include:

  • Senior Policy Makers and Politicians,
  • Senior Healthcare leaders and Practitioners,
  • Senior Health IT Leadership (CIO / CMIO),
  • Digital Health Researchers,
  • Patients and Patient organizations,
  • Digital Health Strategists
  • Senior Digital Health Business leaders and Innovators

Of course these are just examples, we encourage everyone with a vested interest in digital health to join the Arctic Light E-health Conference.

Sign up today, Let’s reinvent health care together!