Sara Riggare

sara-riggare5Sara Riggare is an engineer and a PhD student at the Health Informatics Centre, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm. Her research focuses on Active Selfcare for Parkinson´s Disease, with the starting point in how she manages her own Parkinson’s Disease.

Riggare passionately believes that patients need to be much more involved in their treatment; that they need to take control of their conditions and situation. She wants to encourage patients to be more active in the management of their health, for example by making use of the technologies that enabled the creation of companies such as Google and Facebook. With the right help, patients can harness these transformative possibilities to better monitor and optimise their health.

“The new kind of active patient introduces a disturbance into the healthcare system. This is both a challenge but also a huge opportunity: with the right ehealth applications, we active patients can manage our health more independently from healthcare but we can also help healthcare help other patients!”

You can find more information about Sara Riggare on her website: Not patient but im-patient


Abstract: Lead patients – a new resource for healthcare?

“The most underutilized resource in healthcare is the patient”, has been said since the 1970s but not much has happened. Sara Riggare will give her view on why that is and also present her work around the concept of ‘lead patients’. A lead patient is a patient (or caregiver) who has developed innovative strategies to maximize their quality of life while living with a serious, life-altering illness or disease and they can be used in understanding and improving healthcare. They also make use of the possibilities offered by technology and information online. Sara will describe the concept in more detail, give some examples from her research and also give her view of the way forward.