Peter Eriksson

peter-eriksson2Peter Eriksson, Sweden’s Minister of Digital Development is coming to the Arctic Light Ehealth Conference, February 1-2 to give an engaging Keynote on the Opportunities and Challenges the Digital Transformation brings to Society and Governance.

Mr Eriksson brings a vast experience as a political leader, on a Municipal, National and European level and can offer a multidimensional perspective on the impact of Digital Transformation. Peter Eriksson was, during his time as the Chair of the Executive Committee of Kalix Municipality in Norrbotten (1994-1998) a driving force and pioneer for several early e-governance and e-democracy initiatives, for example by holding virtual Assembly Meetings and Digital Referendums.

Prior to his current engagement Mr Eriksson served as member of the Swedish Parliament and more recently as a Member of The European Parliament. As an MEP Peter Eriksson was a member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy and deputy member of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development.

We are incredibly proud that Peter Eriksson with his strong connection to rural Norrbotten has chosen to bring his extensive  experience in rural development and digital governance to share his insights at ALEC 2017.