Peter Berggren

Dr Peter Berggren has held various positions within Västerbotten County Council (VLL). Among other things chief doctor in the County and medicial director for the community hospital in Storuman. In recent years Dr Berggren has been in charge for the Centre for Rural medicine (GMC) in Storuman which is an R & D unit within primary care in Västerbotten.

Prize winner of Vasterbotten grand prize in 2013 for his involvement in the specialized training of physicians in rural medicine.

GMC won 2014 “The golden scalpel” as innovator of the year in Swedish health care.

2016 Dr Berggren won Håkan Mogren prize in association with Karolinska Institute in recognition of, and for the advancement of, efforts for human well-being.

The Centre for Rural Medicine (GMC) in Storuman, northern Sweden, is an initiative within primary care in Västerbotten county, to support a research and development unit aiming to bring together government, university and industry stakeholders to find solutions for persisting rural health issues such as the recruitment, retention, and training of health professionals, the use of distance bridging technologies and the design of primary care services for small and isolated settlements.

Nordic Health Innovation (NHI) AB was founded in 2014 by Jonas and Peter Berggren. The company is based on research performed at NHI and the Central for Rural Medicine (GMC), VLL in Storuman, Sweden. NHI develops and offers flexible, cost-effective and standardized health care solutions for public and private clients. The solutions are tested and explored in extreme rural areas in Northern Sweden and they are leading to increased quality of life and increased accessibility for citizens worldwide.