Per-Olof Egnell

Per-Olof Egnell is CEO at eHealth Innovation Centre, EIC, and has had strategic and operational responsibilities of e-health work in the county of Norrbotten since 2002 in roles as CEO, process manager and program manager for e-health at Region Norrbotten, Luleå University of Technology and regional companies.  EIC is Luleå University of Technology and Region Norrbotten’s joint research center that works to find new care smart solutions using eHealth.

Per-Olof has a technical licentiate degree in Quality Management/Process Management and a M. Sc. in Industrial and Management Engineering. Per-Olof has substantial experience in national and  international e-health programmes, project management and development of international e-health networks. Per-Olof has also a considerable experience from management consulting for public organisations and private companies, both domestic and internationally based. He has been working with a broad range of issues from strategic decisions to everyday operations.


In the regions efforts to establish development projects within e-health, there have been clear evidence for the need for both advanced and professional development environments in order to successful realize and implement new products and services. Overall this needed environments builds up structures  similar to innovation system or “eco-system” in e-health. The presentation will describe the background, the needs and the current status on different Living Environments for Active and Healthy Ageing in Norrbotten.