Michael Rigby

Michael Rigby is Emeritus Professor of Health Information Strategy at Keele University, UK; Visiting Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London; and Adjunct Professor at Dublin City University.  He now lives in Ireland, and undertakes a number of research and expert activities in e-health, integrated care, and as Deputy Principal Investigator for the Models of Child Health Appraised (MOCHA) Horizon 2020 research project.





Presentation 1:Ensuring children’s health and data needs are included in E-Health – disappointing results of a European survey.

The Models of Child Health Appraised (MOCHA) Project (www.childhealthservicemodels.eu), running from 2015 to 2018, is tasked with identifying the optimum models of provision of primary health care for children in the 30 EU and EEA countries.  Electronic Health Records and other e-health functions are likely to be important in this, and need to contain specific features including unique identification of babies from birth, and rapid transfer of key data to partner care providers.  So far the project has appraised recognition of these features in national e-health strategies, and the availability of a unique identifier from birth; at present it is surveying the current use of EHR and child public health systems.  The interim results, which are disappointing from a children’s perspective, will be presented.


Presentation 2:The Informal and Formal Virtual Care Team – Consent, Trust and Enablement in a Digital World

Innovations in Integrated Care, and related E-Health support, frequently are based on systems and vertical integration of care for single conditions; or alternatively on informatics innovations.  However, the greatest potential gain is from horizontal integration of care for persons with multiple morbidity, and on supporting them in their normal lives in the optimum way.  This needs to focus on the person in receipit of care; on the person-specific virtual care team (comprised of professionals, informal carers, and societal support); and on the inclusion in personalised e-health schemes of Trust, Controlled Delegation, Informed Sharing, and a common vision and communication across the virtual team.  This presentation will seek to stimulate thinking and means of making progress.