Maritta Perälä-Heape

Dr. Maritta  Perälä-Heape is the Director Center for Health and Technology and coordinating the strategic R&D collaboration between academia, business and public healthcare sector in the Oulu Innovation Alliance (OIA) concept.

Main focus of R&D is personalized health and care, service innovations and business development. She is leading the Digital Health Revolution –initiativeand is involved in several international projects. Her expertise areas are R&D and innovation management, research to business, business development, RDI funding, innovation politics and international network building.



The role of R&D in the Oulu Health ecosystem

Abstract: Centre for Health and Technology (CHT) is innovating connected health solutions together with researchers and entrepreneurs.

CHT operates on:

  • building a strategic innovation agenda to execute novel spearhead themes,
  • coordinating multidisciplinary research, development and innovation activities in the OuluHealth ecosystem,
  • supporting ecosystem members in their progress towards the commercialization and deployment of novel healthcare solutions,
  • enhancing the ecosystem innovation capacity through the development of agile innovation processes and models, and
  • facilitating strategic cooperation through international networks and partnerships.

CHT facilitates OuluHealth RDI collaboration by building a bridge between researchers, companies and healthcare professionals, and by identifying research and business challenges relevant to the healthcare sector.  We organize networking possibilities and events, help developers in finding partners, and support the creation of connected health projects. The systematic regrouping of research spearheads and expertise, and the exploitation of our extensive international networks, has resulted in the creation of several strategic OuluHealth RDI projects.