Maria Larsson Lund


Maria Larsson Lund is Professor and program director of the occupational therapy program at Luleå University of technology.

Professor Larsson Lund research is focusing on the digitalization of society and how the increased use of everyday technology may influence participation involving activities in the homes as well as at work and in public places. The research is also focusing on how technology can facilitate engagement in activities, increase participation and support well-being through improved match between users and technology. She is currently leading an improvement work focusing on enhancing future occupational therapists digital competence to match the future needs in the digitalized knowledge society.



A new landscape for higher education evolves: How can students’ and professionals’ digital competence be enhanced to match needs in the digitalized knowledge-based society?

The presentation will give an insight in why and how higher education need to change to improve professionals’ digital competence to better prepare them for future work in the digitized society including health care and social services. Also, in how the digitalization and the increased use of technology influence citizens’ possibilities to activity, participation and health. The presentation will be based on research and experiences from improvement work in higher education focusing on digitalization, digital competence and e-learning. The improvement work includes changes of learning outcomes and learning activities as the use of open educational resources (OER), person learning network (PLN), academic communities, student generated content and other tools in e-learning.