Lonneke Rompen

lonneke_rompenLonneke Rompen is responsible for the Internationalization of ParkinsonNet. Using her extensive knowledge about this Dutch model and her experience with tweaking the model to implement it at Kaiser Permanente, she advices other organizations on how to improve their care based on network building, collaboration, specific knowledge, expertise and reliable information. She focuses on tailoring care to individual’s needs to both improve quality of care and quality of life of patients.



Abstract: ParkinsonNet – The Versatile Value of Network Based Care

ParkinsonNet is implementing in other European countries in order to improve the lives of people with Parkinson’s disease worldwide. Moreover, also other disease populations could benefit from the versatile value of network based healthcare. During the presentation, Lonneke Rompen will highlight the most important lessons learned from implementing ParkinsonNet, and Pieter van den Haak will highlight all interesting Ehealth solutions that are used in building and sustaining a health-network.