Juha Korpelainen

Juha Korpelainen, was graduated MD in 1985 and a specialist in neurology in 1992, in University of Oulu, Finland. Korpelainen received his PhD in 1993, and was nominated as a docent of neurology at the University of Oulu in 1999. He also has an eMBA and a special qualification in social and health care management, and in medical rehabilitation. Juha Korpelainen has worked as a Chief Administrative Physician in Oulu University Hospital since 2005, and before that as a clinical neurologist since 1993.

Korpelainen has a long experience in research, development and innovation activities in social and health care, and he is particularly interested in the utilization of technology in hospitals. Korpelainen is responsible for a long-term renovation program of the Oulu University Hospital. Academic activities: 97 scientific articles, supervisor of 8 doctoral and 9 master thesis.

Role of the university hospital and Future Hospital

Abstract: Oulu University Hospital is the major specialized healthcare provider in the Northern Finland. As OuluHealth ecosystem partenr it offers an execptional innovation platform for research and development activities. The Future Hospital reneval process supports the OuluHealth activities through the OuluHealth Oys lab and through several development projects.