Josef Hallberg

Josef Hallberg, PhD, is an associate professor in Pervasive and Mobile Computing at Luleå University of Technology, Sweden. His research interests include technology for supporting people in everyday life, including supporting people with chronic disease and preventing disease, tools for increasing and supporting motivation for healthy behavioural change, data analysis and decision support systems.

He has 15 years of experience in e-health related research and is a cofounder of Memorizon AB – a company developing technological solutions for supporting persons with dementia and their carers. He also coordinates the Gamification focus-area at Luleå University of Technology, which is supported by the Luleå Municipality.



Motivation and Technology – how they can come together to prevent disease.

It is said that if we could be physically and socially active, have good sleep, manage our stress, have a good diet, and not smoke or use alcohol, we could cut common chronic diseases by as much as 90% Our lifestyles affect our health to a great extent and there are clearly things we can do to reduce the risk for chronic disease. Lack of motivation and time are often considered obstacles in the way of healthy behaviour. This talk will explore how technology, gamification, and serious games can be utilised to support motivation and help persons achieve their goals for a healthy life.