Damian O’Connor

Mr Damian O’Connor – COO, European Connected Health Alliance

Damian O’Connor provides strategic leadership to deliver the ECHAlliance vision and directs day to day operations.

He drives the development of the growing ‘International Network of Permanent Connected Health Ecosystems’ across Europe, USA, China and Canada. Ecosystems provide sustainable structured opportunities for industry, patient groups, academia, investors, health & care providers and payers to meet and provide solutions to specific challenges.

Damian O’Connor oversees ECHAlliance work in EC Funded Projects SEED, PULSE and Trillium Bridge II.

Damian O’Connor has over 30 years of experience in British Telecom, with a background in customer and service management, efficiency challenge delivery, programme and business management.

The European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance) is the Trusted Connector in health & social care. As a membership organisation we are committed to creating and strengthening partnerships, that together drive change in the quality and efficiency of health and social care. The community is a powerful force for change, with 500+ member organisations and 16,000+ contacts across 40 countries. They coordinate a network of 25 Connected Health Ecosystems, each of which is a permanent, multi-stakeholder community focused on a geographical area.

Learn more: www.echalliance.com