Fredrik Kallioniemi

Mr. Fredrik Kallioniemi is a father of the daughter with Type 1 Diabetes since 3 years back. Fredrik works as CEO of Cloud Consulting Sweden, he has 25 years of experience with technology, data center infrastructure, operations, networking and software development. He has a firm understanding of software and the underlying technologies, and an ability to manage abstract concepts, business models and challenges. He has close to 15 years of international business development experience and a big global business network. He has been an appraised speaker and thought leader in the technology space for the last 10 years.

Fredrik Kallioniemi have also self founded and cofounded five companies. Lately he worked as Chief Technology Officer at Mobilaris,  before that he was Vice President at The Node Pole and lead developer in several new regional Data Center investments and also lead in building a very strong Data Center Alliance/Partner platform of 70 companies on the globe. He has also been Managing Director of Luleå Science Park, an IT hub and the home of roughly 110 tech companies (from the Facebook Data Center to small start-ups). He was instrumental in growing the Science park from 750 to 1100 skilled individuals in two years.


#wearenotwaiting = Diabetes Data Innovation Now!

There is a big missing link among Companies that make physical components for the Diabetes industry and it’s called “data interoperability.” Simply put, it’s the lack of standards and formats for health data that’s captured electronically to work seamlessly within the life of a patient with a chronic condition People in the diabetes community are taking matters into their own hands; they’re developing platforms and apps and cloud-based solutions, and reverse-engineering existing products when needed in order to help people with diabetes better utilize devices and health data for improved outcomes.