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Time to embrace digitalisation

The public sector in general and healthcare in particular face major challenges. A growing population, a higher share of elderly people and staff shortage. To mention some challenges we are facing today. Mr Peter Eriksson, the Swedish minister for Digital Development, says: – Digitization has already had a major impact on many areas of society. However, two areas where the… Read more →

Netmingel sponsor

Evado is a company engaged in the digitization of business processes. The main focus is in the mobile world with specialty in apps. Evado has a versatile platform, EMC – Evado Mobile Core. EMC simplifies business processes and practices to create and offer mobile services to employees or customers. EMC shortens development time by up to 60% compared with other… Read more →

Alakananda Banerjee

One of our keynote speakers is Dr Alakananda Benerjee from India. She has been a physical therapist for almost 31 years state of art rehabilitation projects in major hospitals of New Delhi in India. The rehab center’s had multidisciplinary treatment protocols, built on high ended research and academic program focusing on international standard guidelines in patient care. Alakananda Banerjee was the first in India… Read more →

Norrbotten receives recognition of Excellence

On December 7th County Council Commissioner, Mrs Agneta Granström accepted on behalf of the Norrbotten Region the Award as a 3-star reference site for Active and Healthy Ageing by Commissioner Gunther Oettinger at the European Summit of Digital Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing. – It is a recognition of that our investments in International collaboration is starting to bear… Read more →


The SCIROCCO Project will help European regions to understand how to move towards more sustainable health and care systems, and how to support implementation, scalability and transferability of integrated care solutions. SCIROCCO Goals SCIROCCO aims to develop the Maturity Model into a validated and tested self-assessment tool that will facilitate the successful scaling up and transfer of good practices in… Read more →


ParkinsonNet is an initiative of Radboud University Medical Centre and was founded in 2004. It is a professional healthcare and research network covering all of the Netherlands. ParkinsonNet brings healthcare professionals together and facilitates Parkinson-specific specialization, interdisciplinary collaboration, and exchange of knowledge. All national Parkinson centers (including all university medical centers) and all community hospitals participate in ParkinsonNet. ParkinsonNet has… Read more →

Agneta Granström

Norrbotten awarded recognition of excellence

As a result of the Call for Reference sites 2016 launched in December 2015 at the Conference of Partners of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing Norrbotten has been chosen as a reference site for European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA). Read more →