Author: Åsa Snällfot


The SCIROCCO Project will help European regions to understand how to move towards more sustainable health and care systems, and how to support implementation, scalability and transferability of integrated care solutions. SCIROCCO Goals SCIROCCO aims to develop the Maturity Model into a validated and tested self-assessment tool that will facilitate the successful scaling up and transfer of good practices in… Read more →


ParkinsonNet is an initiative of Radboud University Medical Centre and was founded in 2004. It is a professional healthcare and research network covering all of the Netherlands. ParkinsonNet brings healthcare professionals together and facilitates Parkinson-specific specialization, interdisciplinary collaboration, and exchange of knowledge. All national Parkinson centers (including all university medical centers) and all community hospitals participate in ParkinsonNet. ParkinsonNet has… Read more →

“I totally recommend this event…”

“I totally recommend this event, it is an incredible experience, up in the North, to me it feels like I’m in the North Pole there, it’s kind of magic. The relation with other speakers and participants is very qualitative because of the location (there is no other event so participants don’t have FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out). I remember… Read more →