Norrbotten receives recognition of Excellence

On December 7th County Council Commissioner, Mrs Agneta Granström accepted on behalf of the Norrbotten Region the Award as a 3-star reference site for Active and Healthy Ageing by Commissioner Gunther Oettinger at the European Summit of Digital Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing.


– It is a recognition of that our investments in International collaboration is starting to bear fruit. The demographic challenge is something we all have in common, but we have all found different ways to address the issues of an ageing population. Our transnational collaboration with others leaders in health innovation is allowing us to learn what is needed to succeed and allow the pitfalls others already experienced. The sharing of knowledge and expertise that is facilitated by our European partnerships is invaluable to us and we are extremely grateful that we have been given this opportunity to become even better in the future. says Agneta Granström, County Council Commissioner of Norrbotten and president of the Assembly of European Regions Ehealth network.

EIP on AHA is coordinated by the EU commission. which awarded Norrbotten a three-star status as a reference site. Norrbotten is seen as one of 74 organisation that demonstrates excellence in the development, adoption and scaling up of innovative practices for active and healthy ageing, in line with the strategic objectives of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing and particularly the European Scaling Up Strategy for Innovation in Active and Healthy Ageing.

The ALEC team would also like to congratulate our many strategic partners in AER, CORAL, EHTEL and Oulu who was also recognized for their excellent work being done in the field. We look forward to welcome  you to Norrbotten and discuss who we together can take the next step as European Reference Sites.