Welcome to Luleå in Norrbotten

Accelerating Digital Health, the fifth Arctic Light e-Health Conference (ALEC), is a captivating event uniting digital health professionals from across the globe in the arctic region of Norrbotten for two days of inspiration, networking and skill development.

Top-level politicians, digital health thought leaders, business innovators and ehealth professionals will meet to experience thought provoking keynotes on digital transformation. Seize this opportunity to connect with peers to discuss digital’s potential to bridge health gaps, and develop tools to design better health for all.

If you, like us, are passionate about leading the digital health transformation, designing inclusive health services, and adopting disruptive technologies to create health equity, ALEC 2017 is your forum.

‘Winter is coming’, so plan a memorable Arctic experience by booking one of the 16 daily flights to Luleå today.

Registration is open – welcome with your registration!